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Eyelash Extensions

Lavish, Lush Lashes No Mascara Needed!

Long-lasting lashes that blend perfectly with your own lashes. Comfortable, carefree round-the-clock glamour, week after week. You can shower, sleep, work out, even swim. Individual lashes are added to your top lashes only using a strong, safe glue.

Just like artificial nails, there is an initial charge for a "full set" of lashes. Then there is maintenance involved. You have to come back for "fill-ins" every 3-4 weeks for an additional charge. The time for fill-ins is very personal. Some people are a little rougher on their lashes than others, some grow faster than others, etc. We shed our lashes just like we do our hair so as we shed lashes and new ones grow in we need touch ups.

Can you wear mascara? It is recommended that you do not use it. There is an ingredient in the mascara deteriorates the bond. Most clients find that they do not need mascara.

Full Set $150

Fills  $60